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Great and addicting

I havent played the invent part but the puzzle section is addicting they should have more lvls I did all of them in a matter of about 2 1/2 3 hours one is really hard Download this game Best game on the AppStore

I love it

I love it but you cant always click something it takes a while

Doesnt work

Does not fully load.

Space station

How can I play the space station I already beat all the previous levels and it doesnt let me play space station?

Luv it

I use this game at school and i luv it 5


Just looked at it real quick and better than any other sandbox app that Ive paid for

Crashes wont work

Wont work

Tinker Box

this is one of the most amazing apps I have ever had but I have a few more ideas you could possibly add: 1. add some magnets and magnetic stuff like different kinds of magnetic balls. 2. definitely add power switches to some of the objects like a speed adjuster for the conveyor belt, fans, and motors 3. i would love it if you would ad more space to play in 4. more puzzels thanks, i recommend this app for anyone who likes legos, puzzles,or K-NEX

Do this

Say your crushes name two times then post this on a couple times then look at your hand


I very surprised this game isnt in the app store top 10 Very very fun to play around with when you have free time. I would highly recommend this!

So much fun

I want more! More levels = more fun!

Simple and fun

Very creative and indeed interesting lol

Deleted after a few tries

The game could be an entertaining time waster, but unresponsive touch control just makes it too frustrating to bother with.


I love to solve problems and take things apart and this app has all that including ways to make your own levels TONS OF FUN!!

Awesome Game

Definitely not a time waster. However, there is a bug that closes the app as soon as it says "Subatomic Studios." ADVICE: if the app keeps crashing like this, just delete and reinstall. ARRGH: never mind, its doing it again.

Need full walkthrough

Need a walkthrough for the machine level 1. Please post.

Its ok

Its so AWSOME, it doesnt even let me do the third level. Boooooooooo

Omg I love this

Great game, but I think you guys should make a new version of this or a new game all in general


Really fun no problems really entertaning

Great Game

Makes you think. Sometimes trial and error with placement becomes tedious. Cannot get past Space Station level 4.

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